Professional Education: Workshop Registration

Wednesday, July 7, 2021 until Wednesday, August 18, 2021 Eastern Daylight Time

Accelerating Student Success: Strategies to Address Interrupted Learning

Relay Graduate School of Education has developed a series of virtual workshops to support educators in addressing learning interrupted by the pandemic. In this series, educators will learn to create inclusive and supportive learning environments through culturally responsive practices, accelerate learning by maintaining grade-level rigor, and drive responsive instruction through intentional student work analysis.

In this series, educators will learn to:

  • Nurture inclusive learning communities through social-emotional learning, culturally responsive and trauma-informed teaching practices
  • Accelerate learning through anchoring instruction in grade-level standards and materials and proactively planning instructional scaffolds 
  • Analyze student work to determine student learning strengths and gaps to drive responsive intervention in the moment as well as within future lessons
  • Leverage strengths of multilingual learners and students with disabilities to accelerate growth toward individualized and grade-level learning goals
Our workshops are:
  • Applicable to a variety of educators, including tutors, pre-service teachers, and lead teachers
  • Grade, content, and context agnostic; useful for a generalist audience preparing to teach in-person
  • Facilitated virtually by Relay GSE faculty with expertise supporting highly-interactive, online learning experiences for adults
If you’re interested in scheduling professional development workshops for your entire school team, please reach out directly to professionaleducation@relay.edu.
Workshop Descriptions

Building Affirming Learning Partnerships
Social-emotional health has long been a precondition for academic achievement. This need has been magnified by the cumulative impact of COVID-19, school closures, economic crisis, and persistent racial inequities exacerbated by the pandemic.  In this workshop, educators will strengthen their awareness and skills to embrace the whole child through social-emotional, culturally responsive, and healing-centered teaching practices, with a focus on building authentic relationships with all students and families.

Planning to Address Gaps While Maintaining the Bar

The pandemic has created and heightened inequities in education. Gaps in student learning could influence educators to focus too heavily on remedial teaching strategies at the expense of grade-level expectations. To advance equity, educators will explore tips on maintaining grade-level rigor when lesson planning, including building exemplars, anticipating challenges, and designing instructional scaffolds that support all students in accessing the content.

Accelerating Learning through Student Work Analysis

Looking closely at student work and analyzing it for strengths and growth trends is essential to good teaching. This workshop begins with intentionally considering the demands of the academic task, which serves as a foundation for all analysis. Then, teachers will explore strategies for collecting and analyzing student work, both in real-time and after class, to arrive at the most critical instructional next step.

Driving Instruction through Responsive Teaching

Many educators face the challenge of re-teaching material that students didn't grasp while also progressing through their curriculum. This workshop will focus on the art and structure of a responsive mini-lesson and the real-time instructional moves teachers can make to drive student achievement while maintaining grade-level instruction.

Supporting Students who are Multilingual in General Education  

The needs of multilingual learners are often underserved in the virtual and physical classroom despite the intentions of many teachers and school systems. In this workshop, educators will learn a range of strategies to support multilingual learners more effectively while improving access to the content for all students.

Supporting Students with Disabilities in General Education

School closures and hybrid schedules have made it difficult for schools to implement individualized education programs, thereby decreasing educational access for students with disabilities. In this workshop, general education teachers will leverage the Universal Design for Learning framework to design accommodations and modifications for students with IEPs and consider ways to use it to advance learning for all children.


Workshop Offerings:
Session TitleDateTime
Building Affirming Learning PartnershipsJuly 14, 20213:30pm - 5:30pm EST
Planning to Address Gaps While Maintaining the BarJuly 21, 20213:30pm - 5:30pm EST
Accelerating Learning through Student Work AnalysisJuly 28, 20213:30pm - 5:30pm EST
Driving Instruction through Responsive TeachingAugust 4, 20213:30pm - 5:30pm EST
Supporting Students who are Multilingual in General EducationAugust 11, 20213:30pm - 5:30pm EST
Supporting Students with Disabilities in General EducationAugust 18, 20213:30pm - 5:30pm EST