Relay GSE: Teaching and Learning Online Workshops

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 until Friday, March 19, 2021 Eastern Standard Time



Relay Graduate School of Education has created a series of interactive workshops designed to provide teachers and school leaders with the tools and resources needed to lead effective and engaging online learning experiences. We model virtual best practices, share helpful tips, explore design solutions, and provide you with opportunities to practice and discuss online teaching challenges.

With the help from a grant, we are able to offer these workshops for free to educators. If you are interested in joining, please complete the registration form below. Please note that sessions have capacity limits. Therefore, if you register, please commit to attending as you are reserving a seat that otherwise could be filled by another interested educator. 

We are excited to share that we are also offering these workshops for free directly to schools. If you are interested in having Relay deliver these workshops to your school team, please email professionaleducation@relay.edu.


Best Practices in Online Facilitation

Best Practices in Online Facilitation is an interactive two-hour workshop on tips, tools and resources needed to lead effective instruction online.  We focus specifically on community building, engagement strategies and the basics of virtual design in this foundational session. This workshop is great for school leaders, teacher-leaders, and anyone who wants to get a sense of what strong synchronous teaching practices look like and pick up some key tips on implementation.

Workshop Offerings:
Session TitleDateTime
Best Practices in Online FacilitationMarch 10, 20213:30pm - 5:30pm EST
Best Practices in Online FacilitationMarch 12, 20212:00pm - 4:00pm EST
Strategies to Spark Engagement

Strategies to Spark Engagement is an interactive two-hour workshop designed to support teachers and school leaders in creating highly engaging learning environments for students or adults. This workshop focuses on strategies to create a highly engaging classroom environment where students are constantly thinking and participating in online learning. Participants will have the opportunity to apply and practice engagement techniques so please come prepared with a lesson to practice during the workshop.

  • Prerequisite Recommendation: While not required, we strongly recommend attending Introduction to Best Practices in Online Facilitation before this session as it will build on the covered topics. 

Workshop Offerings:
Session TitleDateTime
Strategies to Spark EngagementMarch 17, 20213:30pm - 5:30pm EST
Strategies to Spark EngagementMarch 19, 20212:00pm - 4:00pm EST


Workshop Information:

As you’re thinking about registering, please keep the following in mind:

  • The workshops are 2 hours in length and are highly interactive by design.  Please be prepared to engage and participate throughout.

  • We use Zoom, Google Suites, and Nearpod as our primary educational technology platforms. If you’re using other platforms, you’ll notice that our core practices are transferable.

  • Generally the methods we use are best suited to upper elementary and beyond as opposed to the youngest students. We’d recommend these workshops for teachers or leaders 3rd/4th grade and up.